Fire of Freedom

What can unite our divided American people?

What can we do to preserve precious brotherhood and foundational freedoms we can’t afford to lose?

Our founding documents, old as they are, provide brilliant answers to many of the questions of our confusing time.

Join me in pondering, brainstorming, sharing and working together to fan the flame we can’t let die.

–Brandan Hadlock

A Year of Healing

Come. Ponder the awesome functions and purposes of the human body. Consider with me,

why each of us are endowed with so much potential. It will be an empowering journey.

The goal is physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The methods are appreciation, wonder,

knowledge, and recognizing step by step that change, work, and freedom are choices before us.

This blog is my journey. I invite you to come along.

–Christine Hadlock

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